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Features Comparison

  EZON – Bronze EZON – Silver EZON – Gold EZON Pro
Number of personal profiles supported 1 1 1 unlimited
Number of pre-built meal plan types available 18 41 55 55
Free EZON mobile app download
Meal plan reports
Grocery list reports
Nutrient analysis reports
Calorie tracking reports
Exercise log reports
Custom recipe creator
Add custom foods
Food log to track calories consumed
Exercise log to track calories burned
fitbit wearables syncronization
Daily inspirational messages to EZON mobile
Video tutorial training
Chat customer support
EZON Professional Edition Only        
Administration client manager panel      
Add additional administrators to account      
Change graphics and colors      
Turn features on/off      
Coach messaging system      
Customize emailed greeting to clients      
Contest module      
Client population body comp reports      
Add custom foods for clients      
Add custom recipes for clients      
Add custom documents for clients      
Meal plan utilites manager      
Design custom meal plans      
Administrative Company Console      
Contest reporting      
Private label branding option      
Reseller program      
Telephone support